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About Us


Peptide Protein Research Ltd was established in 1999. The company was formed to cater for the increasing requirement of contract peptide synthesis. The principle scientists have over 20 years experience in peptide chemistry and other related research areas. Our main focus is in the development, manufacture and supply of high purity, high value peptide and peptidomimetic compounds through the use of propriety technologies.


Peptide Protein Research Ltd specialises in the custom synthesis and supply of peptides and peptide-based molecules, providing a confidential, fast and efficient service at competitive prices.

Many years experience have gained us a reputation for the synthesis of challenging peptides and unusual modifications. PPR offers a service for peptide combinatorial and iterative library synthesis, and also has experience in novel amino acid synthesis and their inclusion into peptides. We are always happy to give advice to customers.


In addition to our contract peptide synthesis service, PPR Ltd has an active research interest in the development of new synthetic methods for the synthesis of difficult or modified peptides. The company sponsors a collaborative PhD program with the University of Surrey on the synthesis of novel amino acid derivatives for incorporation into peptides. It is hoped that these compounds can be employed to develop new ligation techniques that allow the assembly of large peptides and even small proteins.

Our service

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In-house synthesis

All peptides ordered from us are synthesized by us in our laboratories. We do not outsource any peptide synthesis.
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