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Our work is featured in many publications, journals and conferences. Here is a selection.

Self-Assembly, Nematic Phase Formation, and Organocatalytic Behavior of a Proline-Functionalized Lipopeptide (2020)
Juliane N.B.D. Pelin, Charlotte J. C. Edwards-Gayle, Valeria Castelletto, Andrea M. Aguilar, Wendel A. Alves, Jani Seitsonen, Janne Ruokolainen, and Ian W. Hamley

Self-Assembly of Lipopeptides Containing Short Peptide Fragments Derived from the Gastrointestinal Hormone PYY3–36: From Micelles to Amyloid Fibrils (2019)
Jessica A. Hutchinson, Ian W. Hamley, Juan Torras, Carlos Alemán, Jani Seitsonen, and Janne Ruokolainen

Aspartate/asparagine-ß-hydroxylase crystal structures reveal an unexpected epidermal growth factor-like domain substrate disulfide pattern (2019)
Inga Pfeffer, Lennart Brewitz, Tobias Krojer, Sacha A. Jensen, Grazyna T. Kochan, Nadia J. Kershaw, Kirsty S. Hewitson, Luke A. McNeill, Holger Kramer, Martin Münzel, Richard J. Hopkinson, Udo Oppermann, Penny A. Handford, Michael A. McDonough & Christopher J. Schofield

Novel Anti-Inflammatory Peptides Based on Chemokine–Glycosaminoglycan Interactions Reduce Leukocyte Migration and Disease Severity in a Model of Rheumatoid Arthritis (2018)
Emily F. McNaughton, Andrew D. Eustace, Sophie King, Richard B. Sessions, Alasdair Kay, Michele Farris, Robert Broadbridge, Oksana Kehoe, Andreas J. Kungl and Jim Middleton

Utilizing TAPBPR to promote exogenous peptide loading onto cell surface MHC I molecules (2018)
F. Tudor Ilca, Andreas Neerincx, Mark R. Wills, Maike de la Roche, and Louise H. Boyle

Differentially cleaving peptides as a strategy for controlled drug release in human retinal pigment epithelial cells (2017)
Madhushree Bhattachary, Sanjay Sarkhel, Jonne Peltoniemi, Robert Broadbridge, Marjo Tuomainen, Seppo Auriola, Arto Urtti

Mysterious inhibitory cell regulator investigated and found likely to be secretogranin II related (2017)
John E. Hart, Iain J. Clarke, Gail P. Risbridger, Ben Ferneyhough, Monica Vega-Hernandez

The effects of sarcolipin over-expression in mouse skeletal muscle on metabolic activity (2015)
John Butler, Neil Smyth, Robert Broadbridge, Claire E.Council, Anthony G.Lee, Claire J.Stocker, David C.Hislop, Jonathan R.S.Arch, Michael A.Cawthorne, J.Malcolm East

Bifunctional crosslinking ligands for transthyretin (2015)
P. Patrizia Mangione et al.

Identification of a Titin-Derived HLA-A1-Presented Peptide as a Cross-Reactive Target for Engineered MAGE A3-Directed T Cells (2013)
Brian J. Cameron et al.

Evaluation of Sequential Chemoselective Peptide Ligation and Molecular Dynamics Simulations as Tools for the Total Synthesis of Proteins; an example using Bovine Pancreatic Ribonuclease A. (2013) [PDF Document, 5,826KB]
Claire Council

Canine antimicrobial peptides are effective against resistant bacteria and yeasts (2013)
Domenico Santoro and Carol W. Maddox

Monoclonal TCR-redirected tumor cell killing (2012)
Nathaniel Liddy et al.

Different affinity windows for virus and cancer-specific T-cell receptors: Implications for therapeutic strategies (2012)
Milos Aleksic, Nathaniel Liddy, Peter E. Molloy, Nick Pumphrey, Annelise Vuidepot, Kyong-Mi Chang and Bent K. Jakobsen

Structure and function of the Rad9-binding region of the DNA-damage checkpoint adaptor TopBP1 (2011)
Mathieu Rappas, Antony W. Oliver and Laurence H. Pearl

Studies on the activity of the hypoxia-inducible-factor hydroxylases using an oxygen consumption assay (2007)
Dominic Ehrismann, Emily Flashman, David N. Genn, Nicolas Mathioudakis, Kirsty S. Hewitson, Peter J. Ratcliffe, and Christopher J. Schofield

Semirational design of Jun-Fos coiled coils with increased affinity: Universal implications for leucine zipper prediction and design (2006)
Jody M. Mason, Mark A. Schmitz, Kristian M. Müller, and Katja M. Arndt

Casein-Derived Antimicrobial Peptides Generated by Lactobacillus acidophilus DPC6026 (2006)
M. Hayes, R.P. Ross, G.F. Fitzgerald, C. Hill and C. Stanton

A cationic lanthanide complex binds selectively to phosphorylated tyrosine sites, aiding NMR analysis of the phosphorylated insulin receptor peptide fragment (2006)
Paul Atkinson, Benjamin S. Murray and David Parker

The Presence of Sarcolipin Results in Increased Heat Production by Ca2-ATPase (2006)
Sanjay Mall, Robert Broadbridge, Steven L. Harrison, Michael G. Gore, Anthony G. Lee, and J. Malcolm East

Synthesis and use of a pseudo-cysteine for native chemical ligation (2003)
David A. Alves, Dirk Esser, Robert J. Broadbridge, Andrew P. G. Beevers, Christopher P. Chapman, Clare E. Winsor, Dr Jason R. Betley

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